11 Years is Quite a Long Time

I sit down today to write my weekly post, after what I personally thought was a strong start last week. I’ve got an hour to nail this and move on to the next thing on the to do list, and….. I’ve got writers block!
Not sure if that’s a thing for things like this but it is for me. I thought well what’s happened this week, and what’s been the main topic of conversation in the shop, start with that and see where we end up.
VAR – I’m not going to say anything other than, listening to the audio released by the PGMOL (referees governing body) brought to mind Alan Partridge!
This week it was Ellie’s (my daughter) 11th birthday, I have no idea where that time has gone and recently it seems that every week she becomes more of an adult. 2012 feels like a long time ago, I think let’s do a quick search to see what else happened in the year she was born. The story that jumped out at me was that in April that year our then Prime Minister David Cameron went to the pub with his family, had lunch and a few bevvies then left, half way back to his country residence (tough at the top) the Cameron family realised they had left a daughter behind to fend for herself trying to get served whatever she was drinking. Just to think the next year that same fella was slagging off Europe and calling for reform, and we all know where that ended up!
This brings to mind my current in car listen, not quite the same feel good factor that I was enjoying last week with Suggs and his Love Letters to London instead I’m listening to the audio book “The Decade in Tory” by Russell Jones it basically breaks down 10 years of Government incompetence. The research alone that’s gone into writing this book is impressive. To tell you the truth there’s a lot of it that goes over my head, the economics of failure (“remember a donation is not a bribe”) are mind boggling. They haven’t a lot they can be proud of, in Ellie’s 11 years.
Particularly funny is Cameron being described in a number of colourful ways by Jones, one of my favourites describes him as a polished butter bean. 

Lastly this week I’m going to tell you what I’ve been listening to, I’ve been hooked on Jungle’s album “Volcano“, another quick search and I find out band founders Josh Lloyd-Watson and best mate Tom McFarland are locals they lived next door to each other down the road in Shepherd’s Bush.

Anyway that’s an hour so I’ll leave it there and hopefully something will come to me next week so I can do it all again!

See you Soon

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