A Love Letter to London

Bear with me on this but I’m going to do my best to write a weekly post. 

I’m going to limit the time I spend on it so I don’t over think, you’ll get grammatical errors and all.

The aim is for it to be a shop conversation, so in terms of subject matter it could be anything. one week it could be a 10 minute read next it might be a 30 second read. Now and again I might even mention something clothing related.

It will also be published as a journal post on the website and I would welcome your involvement, it is meant to be a shop conversation after all…

I’m going to start with my drive home on Tuesday night. I was feeling a bit frazzled after a day of uploading and putting out the new season stock, we’ve had around 80% of the new season collection delivered in the last 5 days! It’s pretty decent stuff…

Usually I listen to BBC6 Music, tonight though I wanted something gentle and I switched to Radio 4 and was greeted with the sound of Suggs (Madness) and his Love Letters to London, it was the Camden episode. What a cracking listen, it is basically Suggs talking about his experiences and the history of the particular area. He tells some cracking anecdotes, the odd poem and even the odd song. On BBC Sounds I have since listened to “Docklands” and “Oxford Street”

What a enjoyable drive west out of London it turned into.

See you next week I hope 

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