Tonic London

Curated Menswear



Tonic, Embracing the modern, not blind to the past.
Tonic is about clothes in the real world.
It’s about quality, texture, feel & weight.
It’s about subtle branding & attention to detail.
It’s the opposite of throwaway.
Our on going mission is to curate a stable of brands that epitomise those qualities.
Heritage & Modern brands with a quality that stands the test of time.
We believe that true quality speaks in a quiet voice. It is genuine, understated and solid.
These are the traits we expect from our brands and ourselves.
We believe in genuine service. As with the clothing and brands we sell we are interested in long-term relationships with our customers.
We believe that by investing time & effort in our customers and ensuring they have a good in-store experience, that we benefit in the long run.
Its this philosophy that helped us flourish as an independent store for almost 20 years.
At Tonic, We are real and we have a story.