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Tonic Menswear London


Our Story

As a retail buyer in the 90’s, Phil had a simple dream of opening his own shop selling things that he loved from an environment where people enjoyed spending time.

In November 2000, Tonic first opened it’s doors at 291 Portobello Road, we have since moved to our current location across the street at 276. 

Portobello Road is home to one of London’s (and the world’s) most iconic and famous markets. Originally no more than a winding country path known as Green Lane, it took its name from Porto Bello Farm which was built in the area which we now know as Golborne Road. The farm was named after the town of Porto Bello in Panama.

Portobello Road remains one of London’s most famous streets, vibrant, multicultural and buzzing with energy and excitement.

Today we offer a considered selection of brands from Europe, Japan, the Americas and beyond. It is all about understated quality product that stands the test of time and reaches beyond fashion.

We believe in honest customer service, as with the clothing and brands we sell we are interested in long-term relationships and excellent in-store experience.

We are proud to be independent and honoured to be part of such a rich and diverse community.

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