The Baracuta G9 is certainly deserving of the iconic item of menswear tag. Also known as the Harrington jacket, the G9 actually takes its name from one of its least famous wearers. It was John Simons, the London menswear retailer, that reportedly dubbed it the “Rodney Harrington jacket” due to its use by Ryan O’Neill’s character in the 1960’s soap opera Peyton Place. Who knew?

Aside from its obvious endorsements and references in popular culture, the G9’s popularity owes to its functionality and adaptability. Made from waterproof cotton, a product of its environment in the rainy city of Manchester, and the comfort offered by its cropped length has made it an endlessly adaptable piece. It was originally developed as a golf jacket as Baracuta founders Isaac & Jake Miller climbed the social ladder and developed a taste for the fairways.

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