Black Friday

10% for the Community…

Black Friday is a frenzy of deep discounts, limited-time offers and last-ditch efforts urging you to “save” by spending more.

At Tonic, we don’t offer any Black Friday discounts to promote impulse buying. Instead, we’d like to slow down and help you consume more responsibly and lower your impact. That’s why we’re committed to stocking clothing and gear that’s built for the long haul and, where we can, selling your used gear to keep it out of the landfill.

Additionally, this Weekend we will be donating 10% of our online & instore sales to the Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank – an organisation that helps support local people in the community who are struggling in these difficult times. Their Volunteers are on hand in a welcoming, warm & compassionate environment to provide non-perishable nutritionally balanced Emergency Food Parcels – for as long as it’s required to those living in poverty. 

In addition to food provisions, the food bank provide’s sign posting facilities & access to professional guidance on issues such as Debt Management, Housing Issues, DWP Benefits, Domestic Violence & Refugee Support which will contribute towards potential solutions and/or address the root causes of food poverty so people in our community may have a brighter future. 

In the Last 6 Months an additional 320,000 New first time users have attended a Trussell Trust Foodbanks for Help as a result of the cost of living and energy crisis. 

Food Banks are under tremendous strain in these times – this year their food and financial donations are down by 46% on last year, and whilst we are only able to make a small difference, we feel it’s important to help in any way we can.

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