Designed and created in Vienna but produced in the Tyrol region of Austria, SA.AL & Co produce vegan certified cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients. 

An uncompromising selection of only premium, natural ingredients result in products that are potent, but not aggressive, remedying in a soothing, gentle way and creating a smooth sensory effect. The use of sophisticated formulas and a small batch production process further guarantees a degree of quality and freshness.

The subtle, elegant and fresh natural scent is a consequence of the ingredients and the use of a consistent selection of essential oils across all products.

We chose to offer a range providing alternatives to the essentials that most men use every day. The multi-purpose products simplify men’s daily interaction with skincare – i.e. a body wash that is also a shampoo or an after shave that is also a moisturiser.

They are produced in small batches, reducing the volume of carbon emissions created by excess production and come packaged in a tube or bottle made from 99% recycled material.