Dreaming of Summer and 20% Off!

Sunny Days spent wandering along the beach without a care in the world might seem a long way off right now but in my view there’s no harm in using your imagination, a pandemic can’t stop us dreaming.

If anyone can do summer it’s the French brand Hartford they’ve got the linen shirts, the floral prints and the shorts well and truly boxed off.

And with 20% off all purchases what are you doing waiting, get in the summer groove while the sun is still shining ✊☀️

Hartford, as the name suggests, are heavily influenced and inspired by American classics. They are however based in Paris, France and have been producing their garments since 1979.

They started out sourcing rolls of hard to find American fabrics to produce examples of the classic shirts they have become renowned for. If you are searching for that perfect summer shirt don’t look any further…

We’re still offering 20% off with the discount code ‘SPRING20’ just pop it in at the checkout and we’ll do the rest. 

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