Kestin Hare SS19


Launched in 2014, Kestin Hare is a fairly young brand. The reason for this is that the namesake of the brand, Kestin, was busy gaining lots of valuable experience as the Head of Design for the likes of Nigel Cabourn. He took great inspiration from watching his grandad as a child, a particularly stylish gentleman who ran various pubs in Leith, Scotland.




Kestin Hare’s garments are created to maintain a clean aesthetic that focus on functionality, great fit and using unique fabrics. They also manufacture as many of their garments in specialist UK factories wherever possible. This helps to ensure that all staff within the supply chain are paid a fair wage and reduces the carbon footprint of their transportation.




This season’s collection is made of all the usual vintage-inspired workwear silhouettes from a variety of seasonal fabrics ready for buildup up to and the arrival of the summer sun. We’ve a range of shirts, lightweight jackets and trousers all crafted in the premium materials we have come to expect of Kestin Hare.


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