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Japan is known for its traditional artistry and craftsmanship, to be found in items like the kimono, ceramics – even the cuisine. From cutting edge technology to traditionally crafted artisanal goods, Japanese producers excel at the art of creation. 

This week we’re putting the spotlight on three Japanese brands that we love for their impeccable attention to detail, refined techniques and the incredibly long-lasting pieces they produce.


FUJITO propose new values and style through sophisticated design and original materials made by special process.

All pieces are made by highly skilled craftsman and women in Japan.


The Jackman brand leans so far into it’s 1949 roots that each piece is still crafted in the original factory, with the same commitment to quality that inspired Mitsugu Tanabe remaining. They even use the original vintage machines; although the pace is slower than today’s machines, the quality endures.

Edwin: “Made in Japan” series

Edwin’s “Made in Japan” collection is handcrafted from premium Japanese denim – at the label’s original iconic Kuroki Mill in Japan – Decades of unparalleled technical knowhow runs throughout this collection of hand-replicated, archive-inspired washes and progressive fits.

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