Phil’s Packing Hacks

After three decades in the fashion biz, it’s fair to say that Phil Bickley holds a black belt in packing light.

This week, he’s shared some of his top tips to turn a packing stress into a packing success!

The foundation of any suitcase packing lies in the versatile pieces that form the core of your travel wardrobe. Think essential items like high quality white t-shirts, well-fitting jeans, and sleek shirts that can be paired with virtually any outfit. 

An essential for any summer holiday – shorts are likely to be the workhorses of your day-to-day holiday wardrobe. A versatile pair such as Hartford’s Bobby Shorts are a must, but we also love a statement pair like the Kobe Short for days by the beach or pool.

Simplify your grooming routine with travel-sized toiletries that won’t weigh you down. Phil notes that most hotels have the basics like shampoo, body wash and toothpaste stocked up – so a spritz of D.R. Harris & Co’s Arlington Spray could be all that’s needed on top.

Warm weather calls for breathable and lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton, which can keep you looking and feeling cool. Looser fitting pieces like Outland’s Yoga pants can also help keep the cool.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a night out, a smart-casual shirt, crisp chinos or lightweight blazer can elevate your evening look without leaving you overheated.

It happens to the best of us… packing enough underwear and socks can be forgotten in the excitement (or stress) of impending travel. All our boxers are made from organic cotton, which is great for breathability in warmer weather!

Maximise space and minimise creasing by rolling your clothes instead of folding. This neat packing technique not only saves room but also keeps your outfits ready to wear when you arrive at your destination.

As tempting as it may be to utilise every inch of space we have – try to leave a little extra room in your case to avoid stress on your return (and for any bits you might pick up along the way). 

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