Tasteful Christmas Jumpers


Tasteful Christmas Jumpers
The festive phenomenon of the Christmas jumper seems to have gathered startling momentum in recent years. You can still take your seat at the Christmas dinner table without having to plump for a garish acrylic sweater emblazoned with Rudolf’s face or a similar image.


Olympic Crew – Navy


Crew Neck Washed Wool – Spruce Green


Durnoch Sweat – Olive


Thankfully, we do have some excellent knitwear that can creatively pass as a Christmas jumper and won’t need to sit in a draw gathering dust until next year’s festivities.


Reverse Fairisle – Tonal Grey


Shetland Crew – Navy



Christmas Information
As a friendly reminder, time is running out to get your orders in to us for your Christmas gifts. Please make all UK orders by Wednesday 19th December to guarantee its safe arrival in time for Christmas.

We will be open as follows over the festive period
24th December: 11am – 5pm
25th – 28th December: Closed
29th December: 10am – 6pm
30th December: 11am – 5pm
31st December & 1st January: Closed

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