The Quiet Revolution

As people all over the world begin to respond to the climate crisis, a huge environmental movement is forming.

At Tonic we want to feel good about what we’re doing… that we’re part of the solution rather than part of the problem. That means we want to sell quality clothes which last a long time and which are made fairly, sustainably and well. So if you no longer have a use for something you’ve purchased we’d like to give it a chance to live on….

We realise we are only a small business and that we can’t make more than a small contribution to solving such a huge problem but we believe that if millions of people start to make similar choices then it becomes a quiet revolution and Tonic wants to be part of this….

We sell a carefully curated selection of international brands. All the clothes we sell are built to last. We hope you’ll get many years of use from your purchase, but should you get tired of something, and find you no longer wear it, you can now drop it into us and we will sell it in our new Tonic Exchange scheme. When the pre-loved item is sold we’ll give you a voucher for the same amount to spend in the store on anything you like.

So, we are proud to launch the Tonic Exchange scheme.

How it works:

  1. The items must have been purchased from us
  2. They do not have to perfect – wear-and-tear can be beautiful
  3. The Items must be clean when they are brought in
  4. We will agree a selling price with you
  5. When your items are sold you will receive a voucher to be spent in store

N.B. If we feel an item is not in the right condition to sell in the Tonic Exchange, with your approval we will be happy to pass it on to our official charity.


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