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Don’t know about you but I love a good river, as a young lad I was in fact renowned for falling in them! Every October half term me, my big brother(Neil) mum(Vera), Dad(Keith) and family friends Bill and Gladys and their dog would spend a week walking the hills and mountains of Scotland. One of my brother and I’s favourite pastimes was damning off a pool from a mountain stream, hours we would spend sourcing stones a rocks of just the right dimensions and carefully placing them to build the perfect wall… and without fail at some point in the process I would face plant in to it. I would then have to get back home usually dripping wet. Oh the joys!

The reason I tell you this little story about my childhood half term capers is that as part of Tonic’s membership to 1% for the Planet we are proud to announce our partnership with The Rivers Trust. We have agreed to contribute 1% of our annual revenue to them directly.

The Rivers Trust is the umbrella body for over 60 member trusts in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Bringing together the people, evidence and intelligence for rivers to thrive again; for us and future generations.  Supporting the member trusts to work locally, helping communities to protect and revive their rivers, building nature-based solutions on the ground. They advocate for healthy rivers at the national scale, sharing data and knowledge to mobilise public action and shift political will.  They support communities who are fighting for healthy rivers and share new approaches and best practice with local catchment partnerships. The Rivers Trust want rivers to be the arteries of nature’s recovery and our vision is for wild, healthy, natural rivers, valued by all.”  

The charitable objectives of The Rivers Trust:

  • Protect, conserve, rehabilitate and improve UK rivers, streams, watercourses and river basins, including adjacent coastal waters and water impoundments.
  • Advance education of the public in water management and environmental protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement.
  • Advance education of the public in understanding of rivers, their basins, fauna and flora.


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