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You may have noticed that we have given our site a bit of a spruce up. Those of you that have visited our shop on Portobello Road will know that we offer an honest service delivered by staff members with many years of knowledge and anecdotes provided by their decades of experience on the shopfloor. We feel that our new format will better capture what we do in our shop.




At Tonic, we stock brands that we believe in and share our values. We sell timeless pieces of clothing made from premium materials that are built to last. Though, we have held this same mindset since we launched in 2000 it fits in with the moral and social responsibilities associated with the clothing industry of today.


Sustainability and ethical responsibility is obviously of paramount concern to society, knowing where and how the clothing that we wear is produced is an issue that we take seriously. We want our customers to buy a garment that they need that will last a long time and age well.


In an industry dominated by the fast-fashion culture of the high street, we would like to be able to offer our customers an alternative philosophy. Many of the brands we encounter on a daily basis employ a workforce that are badly paid and unfairly treated, an exploitative culture designed to maximise profits at the expense of the safety of those producing their garments. We ensure that all of the brands we stock use ethical factories and treat their employees fairly.


Aside from the human cost of clothing manufacture there are the issues of water consumption, material waste and the impact it has on the environment. Adopting the idea of a slow-sell, buying products of a greater quality that will last longer is something that we aim to instill in our customers.


The launch of the new site is also the perfect opportunity to introduce the Tonic Exchange. Should you decide to upgrade a piece of clothing bought from us here, you can bring it in and give it a new life. We will look over it, ensure that it is of a wearable standard and issue you with a receipt. When the item is sold we will issue you with credit note to use towards your next Tonic purchase.

Alternatively, you can choose to donate the value of your credit note to Kensington and Chelsea foodbank to help them to continue their work helping the local community.

For further details please go to the Tonic Exchange page.

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