ValleyCat Studio Artwork

Our long time friend Valerie Goldstein is a self-taught artist whose body of work focusses on abstraction. We’re delighted to announce that we are now displaying and selling her work in the store!

Valerie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has lived in London since 2002. Prior to becoming a professional artist and entrepreneur, Valerie was a corporate lawyer specialising in private equity.

If you like the look of Valerie’s work, be sure to check out the full collection over at 

Valerie’s pieces explore contrasts between light and dark, colour blocking, monochromatic shading, the effects of overlapping and blending of multi-chromatic colour, and the seductiveness of geometric pattern repetition. Valerie’s paintings incorporate a variety of forms and textures and the playfulness of fluorescents and other vibrant colours.

We have fallen in love with the pieces and bet that you will too – so be sure to drop by and have a 👀

P.S. all pieces are available to purchase!!

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