Welcome back…to nature

spring 2021 tonic portobello back to nature window display

Welcome back…to nature. We are free, to go out to meet friends and family again but mostly outdoors. Hopefully we’ll get some outdoor friendly weather to go with it!

Never before have we appreciated nature, whether it be in the garden, on the window ledge with a few potted plants or out in the full on countryside. Celebrating ‘back to nature’ feels right at so many levels.  Plants have kept us company and made our homes come alive, we have taken care of them and they in return have helped us get back in touch with nature. 

To mark this our windows have come alive with plants collected from around the store. They make a fresh background for our new spring summer shirts, jackets, socks and trousers. We are so happy to be open and see our customers again. It’s been great. If you haven’t had a chance yet drop in and say hi again. 

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