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John, the founder of Pala Eyewear, made contact in May so not exactly the best time to be introducing his brand to a potential retailer. I was immediately interested though after hearing about their philosophy of making good quality and stylish sunglasses whilst being involved in projects with Vision Aid in Africa.

Launched about 4 years ago the brand has “giving back” at the heart of everything they do, helping to tackle a global problem by providing grants directly to eye-care programmes across Africa.

Sustainability and the environment are also paramount, from this year all frames are produced in an Italian Bio-acetate, the material is 100% plant based and are therefore bio-degradable. They are also vegan and cruelty free.

Here’s a link to a short film that I think really captures the essence of the brand:

John sent a couple of pairs for me to have a look at and straight away I was impressed by the quality and feel of the glasses. With all the boxes ticked we received a delivery later in June and have had them in store and selling since.

So when you’re next in the neighbourhood come and have a look, I reckon you’ll be impressed by what you see (excuse the pun) and remember for every pair sold they give back to eye care programmes across Africa!

Welcome to Tonic Pala we love what you’re doing!

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