Many of you know that running is my thing. It’s my escape, my time to myself, my space to solve problems, it is where I can get away from it all.

You might also know that I’m training for the New Forest Marathon in early September, basically, I’ll tell anyone who is willing to listen, or at least polite enough to look like they are.



So, I was recently looking for some new training gear and wanted to avoid the usual sports brands, I came across the online market place  https://www.theactivekollection.com/


With a philosophy that Tonic can relate to, the selection is curated from around the world, they select independent unconventional brands based on their performance, quality of materials and style.



I bought a cracking top and was really impressed so I thought I’d reach out to founders Alex and Max tofind out what makes them tick.


Hope you enjoy the piece and if you’re into running or cycling go and check out the site I’m sure you’ll find something that grabs your attention.


Thanks for listening & did I mentionI’m running the New Forest Marathon?



 x TAK  –  Q&A


Why did you start your company?

We were spending a lot of time traveling with work and found ourselves stumbling across incredible independent brands that coupled not only style but performance and functionality, we want to make this accessible to everyone and allow these brands to be worn and enjoyed worldwide, conveniently.


When did you start the company?

We’ve been brewing this idea for the last 12-months and finally kicked it off early 2019.


What are the core beliefs of your company?

Buy less, better product.

Support independent product centric businesses.

Act local, be global.

Form doesn’t have to follow function, they can go hand in hand.

Look good, feel great.


How do you start the process of sourcing a new range/brand?

We get a lot of brands reach out directly to us or get introduced through our network but we don’t let anyone sell product on The Active Kollection, every item needs to be assessed and reviewed.

There is nothing better than finding a hidden gem no one knows about that we can assess and review to brands we’ve been following for a while, they need to fit our initial criteria of functional performance and aesthetic style for the modern man. We then buy the product, wear the product and assess the product before purchasing and stocking.


What/where inspires you / where do you get your inspiration from?

Movement in general is a big inspiration, both travel and cultural understanding but also getting outdoors and feeling the ground under your feet or wind your hair, breathing in fresh air and always moving forward, never backward.


What are the key elements you look for from the brands you sell? 

A unique narrative or background, why did they start the brand and what makes them different, usually this coupled with their focus on style and performance.


Who do you source the clothes for?

We source apparel for anyone that really sees the value in both; high-performance sportswear and aesthetically stylish gear.


Is there anything / anywhere that you seen/experienced/been that has inspired you recently?

Always traveling the world, being adaptive and understanding you can be running the coast of Cornwall, cycling at altitude in the Alps or strolling the city of Singapore – the world is your oyster – explore it!


What is important in life for you outside work?

Exercise and fitness is important to us, pushing yourself to limits you didn’t know you had but also understanding the power of mindset, aesthetically looking the part, feeling the part and performing the part.


What ambitions do you have for Tak?

We want to be a globally established brand that is associated with premium sportswear, carefully curated cool collections of brands you may never heard of but can be assured they create great product and are focused on both performing well and looking good.


What is the greatest achievement so far? 

Our first 30 orders have been across 15 countries, from Japan to Australia and the UK to US.


What’s a typical workday like for you?

It’s heavy on operational, dispatch and communications – we pride ourselves in our responsiveness to customer questions or queries but similarly always thrive to find and explore new brands that can enlighten and excite our existing customer base.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given? (either in life or business)

Focus. Focus on nailing a core area, then move on to the next area of attention.


Best activewear tip?

Don’t forget to colour coordinate your socks with your trainers or jersey 😉


What sports are you personally in too?

Cycling, Running, Yoga & Rock Climbing – Primarily endurance sports!


What are you reading / last book you read?

Stuffocation: Living more with less.


What are you listening to at the moment?

Maribou State – Glasshouse


What’s your favourite album/artist?

Completely dependent on the mood or activity but can’t go wrong with some Leon Bridges.


Last good film you saw?

Free Solo – An EPIC climbing film about determination and mindset.


What does the future hold for TAK?

The future is bright, we’ve got lots of exciting plans to roll out over the next 6, 12 + 18-months, including more offline marketing events and sponsorships, new brands in the pipeline and exclusive offers to any existing customers.



Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.
Buy less, choose well.
Move faster, for longer.
Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.
Shop smarter. Train harder.


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